Your VoIP Phone System Is Out Of Date

You have probably been told by your phone provider recently, actually for years now, about the big switch-off that is looming, over the legacy UK telephone network.

They would have told you that you need to buy a VoIP phone system because all analog and digital lines are being switched off by December 2025 and the phased shutdown is starting 5th September 2023 with no new lines being installed.  (UK transition from analogue to digital landlines)

But what they don’t tell you is that the VoIP phone system they are trying to sell you is already out of date. 

There is a new type of communications platform now available that takes advantage of the latest technologies of Generative AI and Automation to save you time and money. One that is mobile-first, that fully integrates with your social media messaging and that makes your business so much more efficient that all of your marketing and customer communications can be handled in one app.

No Phone System Needed

Imagine a contact management system in an app that replaces your old phone system, but also propels your business into a world where you can automate SMS responses or WhatsApp, where Facebook and Instagram DMs are built in and automated. Where your emails are responded to automatically and where AI can chat with your website contacts answer your FAQs and automatically book appointments in your diary. And so much more.

You are probably starting to see now how that old VoIP phone system that is costing you a fortune is now as out of date as the analogue lines they are switching off! 

Designed For Your Business

As part of the onboarding process with us, we will discuss your requirements and make recommendations of how we can help improve the efficiency and performance of your business. Everything is set up for you and your staff are trained.

The system is a complete communications and marketing platform in an app that will transform the way you do business and propel it ahead of your competition.

But does our platform still work like a phone system if needed?

Yes, you can still make and receive calls from a browser or the mobile app and use just as much of the new tech as you are ready for. But there is no phone system or line rentals, and you can work from anywhere. 

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