Our Automation Platform Feature List

This is an overview of the main features, it is by no means an exhaustive list.

We provide an integration and development service that includes, consultation, design, configuration, automation feature buildout, user training, and ongoing support.  We can also build custom integrations into your other software if required.

We build out our services on a global platform that has 20,000 customers in 107 countries and 343 employees


Automated contact creation

Automated opportunity creation

Automated audience segmentation

Task management

Auto time and date-stamped notes

Email and phone numbers sent in conversations are added automatically to contact records

Multiple opportunity pipelines

Automated email and message responses

Email and message templates for quick responses

Can be used as a support ticket-tracking system


Available channels – Email, Google My Business messages, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, TikTok messages, and WhatsApp

All channels can be responded to manually in the central inbox where management can oversee all conversations

We can build automation sequences for any of the above channels

Automation sequences can be triggered by any event on the website or platform.

Multiple channels can be used in the same sequence, for example, email and SMS

Bulk marketing to all or segments of the contact list can be carried out via message or email


Users can call contacts in the platform with 1 click

Calls can be recorded and the call player for all calls shown in the contact record including the date and time

Inbound calls can be routed to the user that the contact is assigned to it

Inbound missed calls can have an SMS sent to them to let them know they will be called back soon

Outbound missed calls can have an SMS to let them know we tried to call them and to get in touch


Each user gets a calendar and multiple unlimited calendars can be created

They can be standard or group calendars (for example for training classes where multiple attendees are on one event

We can automate appointment reminders or sequences by message and email

We can build website integrations that allow users to book their own appointment and pay for a service if needed, then receive confirmation emails, messages, etc.


Example – A website form fill creates a new contact and opportunity, the platform sends a welcome email and SMS to make sure the recipient saw it, The contact is segmented by tagging depending on selections they made in the website form, or which website page they came from. Later when a video is watched or a link is clicked it starts a sequence of emails related to the topic of the video. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

We can create trackable links to pages and assets so it shows in the contact record when clicked and can trigger automation sequences and user notifications


The dashboard shows a pipeline graphic with the value of leads at every stage

Lead source tracking in the contact record

Reporting for Google Analytics

Reporting for Google My Business

Reporting for social paid ads

Reporting for in and outbound calls

Reporting for SMS

Reporting for Facebook and Instagram ads

Reporting for Appointments

Reputation management

Manage Google and Facebook reviews from the platform

Send review request links

Reply to reviews on the platform

Forms and surveys

Build and manage website contact forms

Build and manage survey forms of any complexity

Trigger platform automation and actions when forms are sent

Auto country code adding on phone numbers


The dashboard shows a pipeline graphic with the value of leads at every stage

Platform users are unlimited

Each user can have different access levels to every feature on the platform

User access to contacts can be limited to those assigned to them

Users can have access to multiple business locations

User availability days and times can be set for inbound call routing

Voicemail messages and email signatures can be customized


Connect Stripe, Paypal, nmi, or authorize.net to the platform to accept payments

Generate payment links which can be emailed or sent by message or both

Pay on mobile is supported including Apple and Google pay

Payment requests can be automated based on website events and checkouts

Invoice payment tracking in the platform

Manage subscriptions and memberships

Manage products

Manage coupons